Tim Bornholdt

Tim Bornholdt. Photo by Fin Delehanty.

Hi! My name is Tim Bornholdt. I'm an entrepreneur, software developer, videographer and marathoner based in Minneapolis, MN.

I built my first website in first grade. It was an awesome Angelfire page called "Tim's World" which featured frames, scrolling marquees and a looping MIDI of the Coca-Cola jingle in the background. While in middle school, I improved my skills and built the web's most popular Ralph Wiggum website called That's Unpossible. I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2010 with a degree in Journalism, a minor in Computer Science, and a fair amount of debt.

Right after college, I started a mobile app consultancy with my friend from high school called The Jed Mahonis Group. We specialize in building mobile software solutions for the on-demand economy, which is a fancy way of saying we work with entrepreneurs and businesses to build iOS and Android apps.

In addition to starting the Jed Mahonis Group, I have also been on the ground floor of several other Twin Cities-based companies, including VSI Labs, a research firm specializing in autonomous vehicle technologies, and Kwikly, an on-demand dental staffing agency.

I also am a huge fan of podcasting. I've been working with Olympian Carrie Tollefson on her C Tolle Run podcast for years now, where we interview celebrities and elite runners, usually while out on a jog. I also host my own show called Constant Variables for folks who are interested in creating a mobile app but don't have the technical skills to do so.

In a former life, I did a lot of video production work. I did primarily commercial production for organizations like Pepsi, the Minnesota Wild, the National Academy of Television, and the Metropolitan Council. I've been fortunate to have my work on Fox Business Channel, CNBC, Bloomberg International, Fox Sports North and WCCO-TV.

If I'm not writing code or editing video, you will probably either catch me running, enjoying a craft beer, or hanging out with my family. I ran a 50 mile ultramarathon last year (the Surf the Murph race in Savage, MN), and I'd love to try tackling that distance in the future again. However, an unexpected knee surgery derailed my training for the rest of the year, so I'm looking forward to December when I can start running again for the first time in six months.

I love craft beer, and I love Minnesota's craft beer scene. My personal favorite brews at the moment are Badger Hill's Badger Snack and Zwickeldort, Barrel Theory's Do You Think This Is A Game?, and 3 Floyd's Dark Lord. I built an app with the JMG which helps you track every single brewery in the state called mncraft.beer.

Shannon, Charlee, and Tim Bornholdt

Three years ago, I married the most beautiful woman in the world, and we welcomed our daughter Charlee into the world nearly two and a half years ago. You can usually find the three of us out for a walk, watching the animals at the zoo, playing with all of her cars, or reading the same book for the fourth time in a row.