Hi! My name is Tim Bornholdt. I'm an entrepreneur, software developer, videographer and marathoner based in Minneapolis, MN. I am a co-founder of The Jed Mahonis Group, a mobile app development company specializing in building awesome iOS and Android apps for businesses. I also film and edit C Tolle Run, a weekly online show about running and fitness hosted by Olympian Carrie Tollefson.

I've been building software since 1996; my first project was a website called "Tim's World" which featured frames, scrolling marquees and a looping MIDI of the Coca-Cola jingle in the background. While in middle school, I built and maintained the web's most popular Ralph Wiggum website called That's Unpossible. In more recent years, I've worked on more than 20 different iOS and Android apps through The Jed Mahonis Group.

In addition to the Jed Mahonis Group, I've also co-founded several other Twin Cities-based companies, including CityCenter (a company dedicated to building smartphone apps for small towns) and Vision Systems Intelligence (a research firm specializing in automotive vision systems).

I also am an award-winning videographer and editor. I've worked on videos of all shapes and sizes for organizations such as Pepsi, the Minnesota Wild, the National Academy of Television, and the Metropolitan Council. I've been fortunate to have my work on Fox Business Channel, CNBC, Bloomberg International, Fox Sports North and WCCO-TV.

When I'm not programming or filming, I can typically be found out on the road training for a race. This year, I'm hoping to do my first bike race of some sort, and I'll also be doing the Urban Wildland Half Marathon with my father-in-law. I also really like beer; my personal favorites at the moment are Surly Furious (duh), Day Block Brewing Hennepin County Millionaire's Club Golden Ale and Dangerous Man Peanut Butter Porter. Last October, I married the most beautiful woman in the world, and we're currently expecting our first child at some point in July. You can usually find us singing karaoke, playing bar trivia or playing Cribbage.