i'm tim bornholdt. this is my website.

Tim on stage delivering a TEDx talk in October 2023

🤷‍♂️ what's my deal?

I'm all about demystifying artificial intelligence to inspire a more ethical and inclusive tech future, where curiosity and adaptability lead the way.

I also help people figure out how tech stuff works.

I'm currently on the hunt for a new job! I'm a technology leader, software architect, proud dad, happily married, avid public speaker, Ruby on Rails/iOS developer, anecdotalist, musician, and endurance athlete.

You can read more about me here.

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A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials. — Seneca
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  • A pair of worn-out shoes at the edge of a path leading into a misty forest.
    The Job Hunt Chronicles: Month 2: Beyond the Fog

    Published on March 07, 2024
    This post delves into my second month of introspection and job hunting, exploring personal values, confronting emotional challenges, and celebrating the small joys that keep me moving forward.

  • An AI-generated image showing some business guy standing at a crossroads, looking at a wide array of paths and opportunities floating in the sky.
    The Job Hunt Chronicles: Month 1: Discovering My Path

    Published on February 03, 2024
    My first entry into finding my next career move details the first month of meetings, television watching, and lots of reflecting on what makes me happy.

  • Me on stage at TEDx St. Cloud
    Behind the Red Dot: Confessions of a TEDx Newbie

    Published on November 21, 2023
    Curious about the process of getting ready for and giving a TEDx talk? From conquering imposter syndrome to mastering the art of memorable speaking, this post shares lessons and personal anecdotes to inspire and guide you in your own TEDx voyage.

  • a road along a river with full fall foliage where many people are running a race
    A Coder's Sprint: Behind The Scenes of the Twin Cities Marathon Graphics

    Published on October 03, 2023
    Ever wonder what goes on behind the flashy graphics you see during marathon broadcasts? I give a recap of everything it took to pull together a pair of leaderboard graphics for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, as well as how we're going to improve for next year's show!

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