Tim Bornholdt

Rewilding your attention

Instead of crowding your attention with what’s already going viral on the intertubes, focus on the weird stuff. Hunt down the idiosyncratic posts and videos that people are publishing, oftentimes to tiny and niche audiences. It’s decidedly unviral culture — but it’s more likely to plant in your mind the seed of a rare, new idea.

Examples of idiosyncratic communities in which I’ve been trying to increase my participation:

  • an offshoot of a online community I was very into back in the early 2000s
  • a YouTube series where a guy rewatches old episodes of Monday Night Raw and Monday Nitro and compares them head-to-head, deciding who won each week of the Monday night wars
  • a Reddit community who cares deeply about dates being expressed in the ISO-8601 date format
  • another Reddit community that posts highlights from a mobile app football game that I am really into