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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Arc

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Comic from SMBC Comics

Person 1: Do you think the arc of history bends toward justice?

Person 2: Of course. But then again, the moon bends toward the earth constantly, and still gets farther away every year.

Man, this comic delivered a haymaker directly into my core belief of justice. 😂


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Politics isn’t a per se bad. It’s a process. Making politics more productive and substantial make society better. Having people “nope” out of society whenever they get uncomfortable doesn’t help with any of the hard work politics does for things like allocating scarce resources, justice, or equity.

Poignant. I love this web comic.

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Liberal Education

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal:

Why do we want a liberal education? Because everyone in the modern university is living in its opposite, and it sucks.

Oof, this was a great one. Makes me wonder what would make for a better collegiate experience. Perhaps not charging an insane amount for it, making it more accessible for a diverse set of students, allowing more people to participate in the free flow of idea exchange?

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